There are plenty of great shots and ideas for your wedding video. The usual shots include the couple getting ready, the walk down the aisle, the couples first dance and the cutting of the cake. These are great and will produce a wonderful wedding video. For the people that are looking for a little extra on their wedding day video below are some ideas.

1. Have a wedding trailer

A wedding trailer is small snippets of the full video. This would make it easier to share. A smaller video can be shared more easily. It would be easy to share with family and friends so they can keep a memento from the wedding. A wedding trailer is also great to have for when you want to see the video but don’t have time for the whole thing. The trailer will highlight the best moments letting you relive them in a shorter time.

2. Introduce the wedding party

Introduce the wedding party, have them be part of the video. They can share some funny stories from your past to make the video funny. Or they can share a loving story. The possibilities are endless and they can help set a tone for the wedding video depending on what you want. They can even comment on what is going on as things are happening.

3. Make it funny

Have some parts of the video be funny. Have some lighter bits that crack everyone up. Laughs are what people remember. It could also give a break from the rest of the big emotions and a respite.

4. Use mix media

Be as creative as you want in your wedding video, this can include using more than one art media. Include writing, painting, cloth, collages. Whatever you want. It can even be a stop motion portion with how you met, or the proposal. You can even use mixed media for your save the dates. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different modes of art that speak to you. It will only improve and make the wedding video more yours.

5. Save the date video

Have a save the date video instead of cards. It will be a fun way to start the wedding. It is also better than sending a card through the mail. With this video you can be as creative as you want. It will be a fun thing to do with your significant other.

6. Interview the guests

Have some guest interviews. Weddings are a whirlwind and interacting with many guests can lead to forgetting some. Interview your guests to have their experience as well as your. If they say anything mean, editing exists.

7. Get your pets involved

For all pet lovers that are going to have their furry children at the wedding this is an idea to include your pets. Attach a go pro to them and then add the footage to the wedding video. I won’t make any promises that they will be the most professional but you never know what they will capture.

8. Get the kids involved

As with the point above, give children some (none expensive) cameras and have them film. Children are incredibly creative and will come up with footage that is out of the box. Kids will come up with adorable things that will make your wedding video even more special.