I want to start by saying that I would not recommend having all 6 at your wedding, pick and choose the ones that are best for your wedding.

1. Photo Booth

A photo booth can be a great thing for your wedding guests. It is a memento they will keep forever to remind them of your wedding. It is also a way to create memories of that day but making them a bit sillier.

2. Disposable cameras

Hand over disposable cameras to the guests. Drop them off at tables. Let the guests take some of the pictures, but still keep a professional photographer. At the end of the night you can collect them and send them off to be developed. These are extra pictures to have of the night from different perspectives.

3. Polaroid cameras

Have some polaroid cameras around the party. This will let the wedding guests take pictures and have the photo instantly. Polaroids are a bit on the expensive side and you might want to have some more polaroid film on hand in case it runs out. But it will be fun to have a portable photo booth throughout the night.

4. Photo wall

With the polaroids or the photo booth you can create a photo wall. This will encourage wedding guests to stick their pictures there and you can look at them throughout the party. At the end the guests can go looking for their pictures to take home or if they leave them on the wall you can keep them. More memories of that night.

5. Photo station

Have a station dedicated to taking pictures. This will be a fun stop for guests to take pictures. The space can be funny, romantic, magical. The theme can be whatever you want or what fits your wedding. It will again be a great place to capture memories of the night. This can also have a photo wall next to it to show the guests pictures.

These are some fun ways to have some extra photography in your wedding as well as have memories from the lens of not only a professional photographer. But still, keep the photographer. They get great pictures that your wedding guests won’t be able to capture with disposable cameras.